List of Hotels and their locations


    The Organizer Secretariat will arrange a low-cost accommodation following on individual requirements. All prices include taxes, breakfast and turistic fees.

    You can find any town, street or location in Slovakia by use of Supernavigator , the web map of Slovak Republic. If you are looking for the hotel location, we recommend to follow the branche Accomodation/Hotels in category tree and use zoom tool to get your hotel location. There are hotel logos on the map that show you the web link for next information.

    For the convenience the list of direct links that are pointing to a given street on the map are given below. The list begin with the ECTP 2005 Conference location. The slovak names, you will find on the map are in parenthesis. 

    ECTP2005 Conference location - Slovak University of Technology - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology   - Ilkovičova street No.3. "Fak. elektrotechniky a informatiky STU" on slovak map in supernavigator system .To get this place STP"Botanická záhrada" you can use the tram no 1, 4, 5, 9, 12 and 17 or the regular busses no 29, 32 or different buss stop "Slávičie údolie" regular buses 30, 31, 32, 39, express buss 37, 92, 131.


    Hotel * single/double price

    Street address - Map location link / Slovak name


    Hotel Danube ****

    ---/155.30 EUR

    Rybné námestie

    transport:from stop "Nový Most" use Tram No. 1, 4,  12, 17, or bus No. 30, 37

    Weekend discounts. One of the elite hotels in Bratislava, found at the eastern end of the newly reconstructed Hviezdoslav Square.

    Crowne Plaza  ****

    former name Hotel Fórum

    ---/202.50 EUR

    Hodžovo námestie

    transport: Bus No. 31, 39 - the stop "Nám.. 1 mája" and Tram No. 1, 5  the stop "Poštová" street

    Hotel Forum frequently hosts government delegations and top-level state and diplomatic conferences. It is close to everything - the Presidential Palace, the main shopping strip, the main town squares.

    Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel ****

    223.5/253 EUR

    Hviezdoslavovo námestie

    transport: from stop "Nám Ľ.Štúra" - Tram No. 1, 5, Buss No. 31, 39

    Fully renovated 4 star hotel in the city centre next to the National Opera and Philharmony. The main business area and embassies are just a short walk away. Originally constructed in 1837 as the Inn at the Three Green Trees, the Carlton Hotel has always been one of the most prestigious buildings in the Slovak capital. Today, under the management of Radisson SAS, this luxurious hotel can once again command centre stage. Guarded parking (charged) is available in Carlton Garage, situated right under the hotel building.

    Hotel Devín ****

    156.50/181.20 EUR


    transport: from stop "Nový Most" use Tram No. 1, 4,  12, 17, or bus No. 30, 37

    Next door to Hotel Danube. Classy hotel with live music on the patio restaurant every Thursdays during the warmer months.

    Hotel Tatra ***

    95.30/117.40 EUR

    Námestie 1.mája

    Bus No. 31, 39 - the stop "Nám.. 1 mája" and Tram No. 1, 5 the stop "Poštová" street

    A recently reconstructed hotel near the centre, Tatra is in a complex that houses a cinema and a dance club.

    Hotel Ibis ***

    96/105.60 EUR


    transport: from stop "Kapucínska" - Tram No. 5

    The hotel is located directly in the historical centre of Bratislava, in the castle area with beautiful old town, monuments, many recreational places and near to shopping malls and the conference centre.

    Botel Grácia ***

    61.80/83.70 EUR

    Rázusovo nábrežie

    transport: from stop "Nový Most" use Tram No. 1, 4,  12, 17, or bus No. 30, 37

    Another boat-hotel, located in front of the Slovak National Gallery near the Old Town. Rooms are clean and comfortable, staff is friendly and fluent in several languages, and summer evenings here are unforgettable while sitting on the outside deck restaurant.

    Botel Fairway ***

    40.60/54 EUR

    Nábrežie arm. gen. L. Svobodu ( another map ), 

    transport: from stop "Chatam Sófer" use Tram No. 1, 4,  12, 17, or bus No. 30, 37

    Sleep on the Danube River in this boat-hotel near the Old Town. Botel is a newly opened four star botel, harboured on the left bank of the river Danube, situated in attractive surrounding straight under the castle, which is a tourist dominant of the city and the Parliament building. This atypical hotel facility is just eight minutes by walk from the historical centre.

    Botel Marína ***

    61.5/79.20 EUR

    Nábrežie arm. gen. L. Svobodu

    transport: from stop "Chatam Sófer" use Tram No. 1, 4,  12, 17, or bus No. 30, 37

    Next door to Botel Fairway.

    Hotel Incheba *** Hotel Show

    42/53 EUR

    Viedenská cesta

    transport: Buss No. 92

    Located next to the Bratislava exhibition centre on the Petrzalka side of the Danube. To get the conference take the buss No.92. towards the Volkswagen direction. Get off at stop "Slávičie údolie" . The buss stop is about 300m from the hotel entrance.

    Hotel Astra ***

    ---/34.60 EUR

    Prievozská 14/A

    transport: from stop "Prievozska" Buss No. 70   or stop "Mileticova" in direction to "Nový Most" then change the Tram No 1

    Near the central bus station.

    Youth Hostel Druzba ***

    40.20/--- EUR

    Botanická  (look for bed and ŠD mark on the map)

    transport: walk distance

    To get there, take the tram (line 1 from the train station, 4, 5, 9, or 12 from the Old Town) going out towards the Dubravka suburb, 10 minutes from the centre. Many students, including foreign ones, call this large building of dormitory rooms home. The Danube is a two-minute walk away.

    Druzba is located near the the conference place (Map locator)

    Hotel Junior ***

    47/53 EUR


    transport: from stop "Bajkalská" Buss No. 39

    Hotel Junior is located in the broader centre of Bratislava in the charming environment of the Štrkovec lake. It offers various accommodation, gastronomic and conference services that will satisfy even the most demanding customers, tourists and business travellers alike.

    Hotel Turist ***

    33.50/40.50 EUR


    transport: from stop "Bajkalská" Buss No. 39

    Located near the Hotel Junior across the Bajkalska street. Hotel Tourist is a no nonsense hotel with the all the necessities and a good and very inexpensive breakfast. I think that it is an OK choice for others that don't mind the location outside of the center of Bratislava and don't want to spend much money on the hotel.

    Upper links given to a street open a new loation on public map server, we are apologize that this operate only in Slovak. For better space information a the hotels on teh list are pointed on bigger map. (Click on the bed symbol to see the hotel picture).

    Map of the hotel locations. Click on Hotel mark to get more info. (Macromedia Flash Player 7)  Routes of municipal transport 

    Both maps in JPG format are available for print or downoad - Town Map  - Transport Map

    Click the signs of hotels (bed and boat) on the map to get hotel information.

    Prices for transport tickets:

    Two and more transports ticket for 1 journey:

    Without price reduction for 10, 30 and 60 miutes                    14,-/18,-/22,- SkK (Slovak Crown)
    Tickets are available at special places of transport company DPB (at the Main railway station, Main buss station or Airport), at news stands and automat slot-machines at the stops. Passengers are obliged to buy tickets and when after getting inside they have to mark them in the nearest electronic machine. After changing to another means of transport it is not necessary to mark another ticket. Into the time of the ticket validity the time for interrupting the journey will be counted in. Any ticket that has not been marked or has been marked improperly, will be considered invalid. Each timetable installed at stops provides information regarding the time of journey, the first stop, the terminus on a certain route, and information regarding the tariff zone. These data are binding when an ispector examines tickets to check whether they are valid. Passengers are obliged to pay for the baggage the measurements of which are in excess of 30 x 40 x 60 cm, i.e. after getting on the vehicle they mark a reduced-fare ticket with respective time validity. The inspector will charge passengers the amount of SkK 1.400,- in case they are not able to submit a ticket.

    Turists tickets for all means of city transport:                       

    for 24 hours                                                     90,- SKK
    for 48 hours                                                   170,- SKK
    for 3 days                                                      210,- SKK
    for 7 days                                                      310,- SKK

Important transport routes

1  - Dúbravka - Pri kríži, Saratovská, Karlova Ves, Botanická (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, >> Šafárikovo nám., << Nám. Ľ. Štúra, Nám. SNP, Obchodná (Hotels Crowne Plaza, Tatra ), Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station) and back

- Karlova Ves, Botanická (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, Nový most (Hotels Danube, Devín, Radisson-Carlton ), Nám. Ľ. Štúra, Jesenského, Kamenné nám., Špitálska, Krížna, Trnavské mýto, Vajnorská, Zátišíe, Vajnorská, Zlaté piesky and back

- Rača - Komisárky, Račianska, ŽST Vinohrady, Račianske mýto, Obchodná (Hotel Crowne Plaza, Tatra), Kapuckínska (Hotel Ibis), tunel (Botels - Marina, Fairway), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, Botanická (ECTP) , Karlova Ves, Saratovská, Dúbravka - Pri kríži and back

- Karlova Ves, Botanická (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, tunel (Botels - Marina, Fairway), Kapucínska (Hotel Ibis), Obchodná (Hotels Danube, Devín, Radisson-Carlton) , Vazovova, Trnavské mýto, Ružinov - Astronomická and back

12  - Dúbravka - Pri kríži, Saratovská, Karlova Ves, Botanická (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, Nový most >> Vajanského nábr., << Nám. Ľ. Štúra, Šafárikovo nám. and back

17  - Karlova Ves, Botanická (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu , >> tunel (Botels - Marina, Fairway), >> Nám. SNP, << Nám. Ľ. Štúra, << Jesenského, Špitálska, Americké nám., Račianske mýto, Račianska, ŽST Vinohrady and back - just in morning peaks during working days

29 - Hrad Devín, Kremeľská, Slovanské nábr., Devínska cesta, Botanická (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, Nový most (Hotels Danube, Devín, Radisson-Carlton), and back

31   - Cintorín Slávičie údolie, Mlynská dolina (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, Zochova, Nám. 1.Mája (Hotels Crowne Plaza, Tatra) , Staromestská, Mýtna, Račianske mýto, Trnavské mýto and back

39 - Cintorín Slávičie údolie, Mlynská dolina (ECTP), Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu, Zochova (Hotel Ibis ), Nám. 1.Mája, Staromestská, Mýtna, Račianske mýto, Trnavské mýto, Bajkalská (Hotel Junior, Turist) , Trnavská, Ružinov - Súhvezdná and back

92  - Petržalka - Dolnozemská, Betliarska, Jantárová, Romanova, Nám. hraničiarov, Rusovská cesta, Einsteinova (Hotel Incheba), Most Lafranconi, Mlynská dolina (ECTP) , Patrónka, Lamačská cesta, Hodonínska, Dev. Nová Ves and back 

32  - Dlhé diely - Kuklovská, H. Meličkovej, Molecova, Botanická (ECTP), Mlynská dolina (ECTP ), Limbová, Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station) and back

61  - Letisko(Bratislava Airport), Ivanská cesta, od 08:00 do 23:00 h cez areál Avion Shopping Park, Trnavská, Trnavské mýto, Račianske mýto, Šancová, Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station) and back

  Airport location  click this picture to get large image

70  - ŽST P. Biskupice, Trojičné nám., Krajinská, Vlčie hrdlo, Bajkalská, Prievozská (Hotel Astra), Mlynské nivy, Dostojevského rad, Nový most (Hotels Danube, Devín, Radisson-Carlton), and back

74  - Vlčie hrdlo, Bajkalská (Hotel Junior, Turist), Trnavské mýto, Račianske mýto, Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station) and back

81  - Petržalka - Technopol, Romanova, Nám. hraničiarov, Rusovská cesta, Einsteinova (Hotel Incheba), Nový most, Staromestská, Hodžovo nám., Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station) and back

 201  -
Dolné hony - Čiližská, Dvojkrížna, Kazanská, Vrakunská, Gagarinova, Prievozská (Hotel Astra), Miletičova, Trnavské mýto, Račianske mýto, Šancová, Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station) and back

210  - Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station), Šancová, Račianske mýto, Legionárska, Karadžičova, AS Mlynské nivy(Main Buss Station) a späť

Items in Bold denotes routes from center or hotel locations to conference place. <<>> markers denotes one way road.