Scientific program

The poster should mach the dimensions of 100 x 120 cm, in potrait orientation.

Accepted papers

Plenary talks
J Fricke Vacuum Insulation Panels - Exciting Thermal Properties and Convincing Applications
Ph Ungerer Molecular simulation of the thermophysical properties of fluids : from understanding toward quantitative prediction
Y Nagasaka Applications of micro and nano-scale thermophysical properties sensing for novel fluids and solids


Invited Lectures
J A J Robinson, A W D Hills, A T Dinsdale, R F Brooks, L A Chapman, B Roebuck, P N Quested Prediction of Properties of Steels Relevant to Process Simulation
A R H Goodwin , A Fitt, K Ronaldson, W A Wakeham Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) for the measurement of density and viscosity
R J Sadus Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids from Molecular Simulation
V.E. Fortov Dynamic Methods for Investigation of Thermophysical Properties of Materials at High Energy Densities
R. Brandt, G. Neuer Electric resistivity of aluminium alloys up to and above the melting temperature
D Koschel, J-Y Coxam, V Maier Phase equilibria of aqueous systems containing acid gases
M.Sheindlin Laser Heating in High-Temperature Thermophysics
T. Baba and A. Ono A network database system for thermophysical property data
Dan Vladimir Nichita , Claude F. Leibovici An Analytical Consistent Pseudocomponent Delumping Procedure for Equations of State With Non-Zero Binary Interaction Parameters
J. Brillo, I Egry, T Matshshita Density and surface tension of liquid ternary Ni-Cu-Fe alloys
S. G. S. Beirăo, M. L. V. Ramires, C. A. Nieto de Castro A New Instrument for the Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Fluids
L Hnídkovský, I Cibulka Volumetric properties of dilute aqueous solutions of organic solutes in extended ranges of temperature and pressure:  experiment, data, and new observations.