• The CD-ROM of paper's manuscripts (ECTP2005 Collection of Contributions) is available at the conference organizers. The CD contain the full text of manuscripts of ECTP2005 oral/poster presentations prepared accordingly to the author's instructions of the chosen journal as described below. The graphs, drawings, photos, pictures, tables etc. should be inserted directly into the text as well.

  • The agreement with the editors of The International Journal of Thermophysics, The Fluid Phase Equilibria, and The High Temperatures High Pressures have been reached to publish the papers presented at the conference.

  • All the papers presented at ECTP2005 might be published in one of the three journals.

  • It is on you - the author, to choose in which of the journals you wish to publish your paper.

  • When sending the manuscript of your paper to the editor, please add the note that your oral or poster you intend to publish in journal was presented at ECTP 2005.

  • The manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the rules of the chosen journal and must be delivered to the journal editor within 30 days of ECTP2005.

  • The paper will undergo the normal peer review and this process is quite separate from presenting your paper to ECTP2005. The guide for authors for the respective journals is obtainable from the following websites:
  • International Journal of Thermophysics, where *.pdf version is available or local copy as *.doc file

  • Fluid Phase Equilibria, or local copy as *.pdf file
  • High Temperatures - High Pressures, or local copy click here.